We have a saying at Carlsberg that ‘we don’t just recruit for skills, we recruit for attitude’. To us, attitude means the ability and willingness to excel, grow and shape the destiny of 140 master brands throughout the world. Bring us that attitude, and we will give you opportunities to learn, develop and deliver.

If you have the learning attitude, we have the learning environment

We believe people thrive and perform to their highest abilities when they are in charge of their career paths and professional growth. We’ll give you lots of responsibility right from the start and expect you to excel at your job and be accountable for your results. We believe that learning on the job and through your peers are as important as learning through formal courses.

Talent development

Through our special talent management process, high-potential individuals may get the opportunity to expand their work into different international markets and different business areas. Find out more about career opportunities at Carlsberg.