To start you on your journey towards becoming part of the Carlsberg Group, here is some information about our recruitment process.

  • We aim to identify the right candidate the first time, which is why we invest considerable effort in our selection and assessment processes. We evaluate your skills and competencies, and we also assess your potential long-term fit with Carlsberg’s company culture and values. The process can take a number of weeks – so please be patient. 
  • Sometimes, the process starts with a phone interview. You may then be asked to attend a number of interviews and at least one of these will be with your potential new manager. You can expect to be assessed according to different methods, including personal profile analyses, cognitive tests or business case studies. We will always inform you in advance about the specific assessments you are required to complete.
  • We often find it valuable to contact references – but only with your prior consent.


Vacant jobs

On our LinkedIn profile you can find a list of vacant jobs in most companies in the Carlsberg Group.

You can also browse the vacancies by country and location here.