Highlights from the history of Carlsberg

View the highlights of our history. From the birth of JC Jacobsen in 1811 to the extraodinary accomplishments of himself and his son Carl Jacobsen, to becoming one of the biggest brewers in the world. 

Chapter 1: 1811 - 1870: Founding Carlsberg

Chapter 2: 1871 - 1914: Old Carlsberg vs. New Carlsberg

Chapter 3: 1915 - 2000: Exporting and Expanding

Chapter 4: 2001 - today: Global brewer



J.C. Jacobsen family archive

Browse through the digitized collection of more than 700 letters, notebooks, drawings & sketches, diplomas and other distinctions from J.C. Jacobsen himself. 



Beer label designs through the ages

Since the first Carlsberg beer was brewed in 1847 the iconic Carlsberg label has gone through many changes and variations.