Founded in 1992, the Israel Beer Breweries (IBBL) in Ashkelon is a "state of the art" brewery which produces Carlsberg and Tuborg.
Carlsberg and Tuborg were launched on the Israeli market in 1992. Initially they were imported from Copenhagen, but in 1995 local production began at a greenfield brewery. The brewery is situated above a large underground aquifer and uses the high quality water in the production process.

In terms of market share, Carlsberg is the leading international brand in Israel, with Tuborg taking second place.
IBBL is committed to innovation and has developed a unique, non-alcoholic beverage under the brand name "Malty". Malty is very popular with children, women and men.  It also manufactures a wide range of juice-based drinks and nectars under the name "Prigat", which is the leading brand in Israel.

IBBL holds the following ISO Standards:
ISO 9001-Quality Management System.
ISO 14001-Environmental Management System.
ISO 18000- Israeli Standards for Safety Management.
ISO 22000- Food Safety Management.
1992: IBBL founded.
1995: IBBL first brews Carlsberg, Tuborg Red and Malty.
1996: IBBL gains  ISO 9001.
1999: Tuborg Green brewed and launched in Israel.
2000: IBBL opens a Visitors' Centre.
Employees: 320
Market Share: 40%
Annual beer consumption per person: 12 litres.
Locally produced: Carlsberg, Tuborg Red, Tuborg Green, Malty, Prigat
Imported: Guinness, Kilkenny, Leffe, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Weihenstephan
Israel Beer Breweries Ltd.
5 Bar Lev Ave.
Ashkelon 78191
Tel +972-8-6740740
Fax +972-8-6740780

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  • In 2000 IBBL established a unique museum about the origin and the history of beer in the Middle East. The museum is located in the brewery’s visitors' centre.
  • In 2006 IBBL was the first Israeli company to gain ISO 22000.
  • In 2006 IBBL won the "Beauty Flag" in a competition between all food industry plants in Israel.

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