United Romanian Breweries, known as Tuborg Romania, was the first beer company in Eastern Europe to develop a modern brewery from a greenfield project.

The brewery has a production capacity of 2.1 million hl, employs more than 850 people and contributes millions of dollars annually to the Romanian economy.  It also offers job opportunities to around 4,000 others through dealers, distributors and suppliers directly connected with the company’s activities.

Since its establishment, United Romanian Breweries has played an active role in society by offering products of the highest quality and focusing on a cleaner environment and a better way of life.  Many programmes have been developed to support this, including  the Tuborg International Festival, Social Programmes, Open Days and Environmental Protection Projects.  The company has also funded the refurbishment of a  house in the Village Museum and a new heating system for a greenhouse in the Bucharest Botanical Garden.
1998: First Tuborg beer produced under licence
1999: Production of SKOL begins
2000: Tuborg Christmas Brew introduced to Romania
2001: Production of Carlsberg begins
2004: Tuborg Strong launched
2005: Holsten brand launched in Romania
2011: Carlsberg brand re-launch
2011: Launch of Grimbergen, Kronenbourg 1664 and Carlsberg Elephant in the on-trade.
Market Share: 9.8% 
Market Position: 4% 
Consumption per person: 78.5 liters  

Tuborg, Tuborg Strong, Tuborg Christmas Brew, Carlsberg, Skol, Holsten, Carlsberg Elephant, Grimbergen Blonde, Grimbergen Dubbel, Kronenbourg 1664.
United Romanian Breweries
89 Biruintei Bd. Pantelimon
077145 Romania

Tel: +40 21 205 5000
Fax: +40 21 205 5005


E-mail: office@tuborg.ro  
Website: www.tuborg.ro  


  • In 2003, United Romanian Breweries developed the Social Programme “Together closer to people”, which helped more than 35,000 people with social needs
  • United Romanian Breweries celebrates the Romanian National Day on 1st December with an “Open Day” arrangement, which brings more than 5,000 people into the brewery every year
  • In 1999, United Romanian Breweries was the first company in the Romanian food industry to receive the ISO 9002 quality certificate
  • In 2000, the brewery obtained the ISO 14001 certificate for protecting and improving the environment
  • United Romanian Breweries hosts a permanent art exhibition that includes pictures and clay sculptures by young Romanian artists. The exhibition was inaugurated by His Royal Highness, the Consort Price of Denmark in 2000.

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