MYTHOS BREWERY is the second largest brewery in Greece and a member of the Carlsberg Group. The production plant is located in Thessaloniki where Mythos, Kaiser, Kaiser Double Malt, Kaiser Blonde and Henninger beers are produced. Especially Mythos beer, the first authentic Hellenic beer, is the only Greek beer brand that is exported to approximately30 countries having branded demand and loyal fans.   

The company also imports and distributes throughout the country international beer brands: the Danish Carlsberg, the Mexican Corona Extra, the Irish Guinness and Kilkenny registered trademark by Diageo Ireland, the Belgian Grimbergen, the Bavarian Weiss bier Schneider Weisse and the French Kronenbourg 1664 as well as Magners Irish Cider.Therefore Mythos Brewery expands the Greek market of beer and offers Greek consumers new qualitative choices of tastes. The company also maintains distribution centres in Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete, providing nationwide distribution coverage.

Founding of Henninger Hellas S.A., by Henninger Brau AG Brewery of Frankfurt, Germany.
1976 Production of Kaiser Pilsner starts in Greece
1989 BSN (French multinational -DANONE- company, producer of Kronenbourg beer) takes over Henninger Hellas.
1992 Boutari Group acquires control of Henninger Hellas S.A.
1997 Launching of the first authentic Hellenic Beer, Mythos. Mythos managed to reverse the situation in a stagnant and established market and win the hearts of the Greeks and foreigners, becoming soon the 1st genuine Greek and third most favourite beer in the Greek market (after Amstel & Heineken).
2000 The Company’s name changes to Mythos Brewery.
2002 -2006 Scottish & Newcastle acquires gradually full control and 100% ownership of Mythos Brewery S.A.
2008 Carlsberg Group acquires ownership of Mythos Brewery.Mythos beer wins the Superior Taste Award of ITQI.
2009 Mythos Brewery launches Carlsberg beer in a new innovative embossed bottle
2010 Mythos beer successful re-launch- Kaiser Double Malt launch.
2011 Mythos beer wins for the second time Superior Taste Award of ITQI.

Market position: 2
Market share: 16%
Consumption per capita: 38 litres


Vasilis Constandinidis
Legal, HR & Communication Director
Tel.: +30 210 66 75 215


Mythos Brewery S.A.
171 Ippokratous Street
190 04 Spata, Greece

Tel.: +30 210 66 75 200
Fax: +30 210 66 75 296




  • In 2001 Mythos beer won the gold award amongst 200 participants (beer and whiskey) in the Canadian competition “2001 Interbeer International Beer&Whiskey Competition” after blind tasting.
  • In 2005, Mythos Brewery was awarded from KPMG for best practice applications in Human Resources Administration
  • In 2008 the effectiveness of Mythos' integrated campaign “Your Own Mythos” was awarded with the silver Effie in the category of Alcoholic Drinks/ Tobacco/ Media.

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