Officially opened on 14 December 1968, Carlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited (CMBL) was the first Carlsberg brewery outside Denmark. Located in the area of Makata, it is the only state-of-the-art brewing and beer packaging facility in Malawi and is capable of producing 380,000 hL of beer per year.

Carlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited contributes to the national and local economy as a responsible employer, business partner and producer of top quality brands. It also supports government efforts in community development programmes, such as sports promotion, environment and health initiatives. The brewery has strong links with the promotion and development of golf and football as a contribution to a healthy and positive economic development of Malawi. Carlsberg is the official beer of the Malawi National Football Team.

Carlsberg Malawi is the Group's only brewery in Africa and administrated as part of Carlsberg Group's Asia Region.




CMBL officially inaugurated by the former president - Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda
1969 Launch of Carlsberg Brown


Introduction of Carlsberg Light (as a Republic celebration pack marking 10 years of Independence)
1977 Elephant Beer launched (withdrawn in 1979)
1980 Carlsberg Gold introduced
1983 Carlsberg Special Brew launched to replace Carlsberg Gold
1984 Launch of Carlsberg Stout
1986 Launch of Tuborg Red
1999 Launch of Mighty Malta
2003 CMBL launches Malawi’s own local brew – Kuche Kuche
2005 Re-launch of Carlsberg Light
2008 CMBL celebrates 40 years in Malawi
2009 Launch of New Carlsberg Malawi Beer family concept
2012 Launch of a Bold New Look for Carlsberg Green Label (new packaging in profile bottle)
2013 Launched Carlsberg Chill
2014 Profile bottles rolled out for Carlsberg Special Brew and Stout



Production Plants: 3 (including 1 brewery)
Employees: 1,487
Market Position: 1 in all categories (2 in Total Beer)
Market Share: Clear Beer 97%; Total Beer 20%; CSD 96%; Cordials 60%


Carlsberg Green, Carlsberg Light, Carlsberg Chill, Carlsberg Elephant, Carlsberg Special Brew, Carlsberg Stout, Kuche Kuche


Carlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited
Malimidwe Road
Makata Indusrial Area
P.O. Box 406

Tel: +265 1 872 999
Fax: +265 1 873 038




  • The idea to establish a Carlsberg brewery in Malawi was initiated by a Danish Foreign Minister who visited Malawi during the independence celebrations in 1966. The minister was not impressed by the beers available at the time and suggested to the former President, Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda, that when he returned home, he would ask Carlsberg to open a brewery in Malawi.
  • Carlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited is the only brewery to produce six varieties of Carlsberg.
  • The Visitors Centre at Carlsberg Malawi Brewery’s head office stocks a range of Carlsberg novelties for sale to the general public.
  • In 1986, sales of Carlsberg Brown exceeded those of Carlsberg Green (65% market share).
  • Carlsberg Malawi is the only fully owned Carlsberg brewery in Africa