Carls Special is a characteristic bottom-fermented Bavarian style beer with distinct caramel and malty flavours. The sweet and bark-like notes provide a spicy and almost autumn-like taste experience. Despite its underlying acidity, the taste of the beer remains fresh and the bitterness of the hops balances the flavour. Enjoy Carls Special with roasted, characterful meat dishes, glazed root vegetables, onion pie, salmon with mustard dressing, bacon and eggs, fried herring or medium-hot Asian dishes. Serve at 5-8°C.


Carls Special is the first beer in Danish history to be democratically elected by the public. As part of Carlsberg’s 150th birthday celebrations in 1997, a beer election was organised. The public was to select a beer that would become the brewery’s Anniversary Beer. Six new and exciting beers were produced, each with its own distinctive characteristics in taste and appearance that attracted a loyal following of enthusiastic fans. The election generated great excitement and in the end, it was Carls Special with its full character, caramel-like flavour and amber colour that won the hearts of the most voters.