Holsten is an authentic German beer brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot tradition from 1516, and was first developed and produced by the Holsten Brewery in Northern Germany in 1953. Since then it has expanded to many other markets, primarily in Europe, and today you can experience the great taste of Holsten Pilsener in many countries around the globe.

Holsten pilsener has clear richness of barley and sweetness to it, with a distinct bitterness that gives a lingering after-taste. It's cold fermented and contains 42 kcal/ 100g.

The Holsten beer brand has been part of Carlsberg Group since 2004 and is the sponsor of several sports teams including the Bundesliga team Hamburger Sports Verien and the ice hockey team Hamburg Freezers.

Where does the Holsten name come from? 

Once upon a time a Germanic tribe called the "Holsten" lived in northern Germany in the region that is now called Holstein. According to the "Chronica Slavorum", written in the 12th century, the Holsten were described as a freedom-loving, bull-headed and very hospitable people. Perhaps the founders of the Holsten-Brauerei AG had these characteristics in mind when they christened their brewery in 1879.