Mythos is the authentic Hellenic beer created in 1997. Already from the first year of brewing, Mythos left consumers with strong impressions and even brought an end to the long-term status quo of the Greek beer market's limited choices. Mythos became the high potential, dynamic alternative that guaranteed pleasure in every occasion.

With its excellent product quality and its genuine, unconventional brand personality, Mythos is now one of the top three beer brands in the Greek Market.


Mythos' potential is not limited by the boundaries of Greece. As the world’s most famous Hellenic Beer, it is the favorite beer of foreign visitors who enjoy the Mythos experience. Mythos is also the only Greek beer that is exported to about 30 countries, including most European countries as well as USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Brazil.


The Mythos brew recipe stems from a combination of great expertise. The Greek Master Brewer of the Mythos Brewery, along with the collective know-how built through years of co-operation with some of the top European Schools of Brewing, resulted in a authentic recipe. Brewing know-how blended with deep understanding of consumer preferences, comprise a key ingredient for Mythos’ success.


In 2001, Mythos received the Gold Award in the Canadian "2001 Interbeer International Beer and Whiskey Competition". In 2008, Mythos was recognized for its unique taste and quality that impressed the sommeliers of the globally recognized "International Taste and Quality Institute" (iTQi), giving Mythos the "Superior Taste Award". In 2011, Mythos won the award for the second time.