Somersby is Carlsberg Group's biggest selling cider and was among the world's fastest growing international ciders in 2014. It is currently avaiable in more than 50 markets around the world.

In recent years, cider has experienced a dramatic renaissance. Today, it is a very popular alternative to beer and wine, and a natural alternative to flavoured Ready-to-Drink products. 


Product facts: 

  • 4.5% alc. vol. apple cider
  • Made from fermented apple juice, with added apple juice, sugar and natural flavoring to give a crisp and delicious apple cider taste
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colourings
  • 55 kcal/100ml 
  • 12 months shelf life (glass bottle)
  • Best served over ice


What is Cider?

The internationally accepted definition of cider is as follows: Apple Cider is derived by the fermentation of the juice of apples, without at any time adding distilled alcohol. Sugar and apple juice may be added both prior and post fermentation. Most ciders are carbonated and food additives (permitted in EUlegislation) can be used.


History of Cider

It was said that when the Romans arrived in England in 55 BC they had found villagers in Kent drinking a delicious cider-like beverage made from apples. For centuries, traditional village life in the apple-growing regions of Britain would revolve around farmers making their own alcoholic beverage, which was a cloudy drink they affectionately called ‘scrumpy’.

In fact, the drink was a popular sweet alternative to ale and even replaced water as a refreshing drink because it was considered healthier than the drinking water at the time.

The traditional ways of cider making are still with us today and cider is still appreciated by people from all walks of life who enjoy its naturally fruity and refreshing taste.