“We want to build up our resilience and prepare for future
growth in a business environment that is facing an increase
in the scarcity of natural resources."
, Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen, CEO & president of The Carlsberg Group

Rethinking the concept of waste
In the future we are all facing increasing pressure on natural resources due to the ever-increasing demand for consumer goods. We are aiming to develop solutions that benefit not only our business, but also the environment and society, by optimising our packaging for reuse and recycling.



Cradle-to-Cradle innovation
The Cradle-to-Cradle® (C2C) Design Framework, created by Professor Michael Braungart and (C2C) is a business platform for innovation and quality. We are using the framework to develop C2C optimised packaging with the aim of improving the quality of products so that they:
• have an improved consumer quality for the user
• pose no health risk for anyone who comes into contact with them
• are of both economic and ecological benefit

Carlsberg Circular Community
An important part of the C2C project is the Carlsberg Circular Community, which is made up of partnerships between the Group Carlsberg and global partners. The aim of the community is to rethink the design and production of traditional packaging material and develop materials which can be recycled and reused indefinitely while keeping quality and value.

The founding companies working together with Carlsberg are;
• Rexam: Cans
• Arkema: Glass bottle coatings
• O-I: Glass packaging
• RKW: Shrink Wrap
• MWV (MeadWestvaco): Paperboard Multipacks
• Petainer: PET kegs for draught beer

Selected 2016 targets

• Have 15 suppliers in the Carlsberg Circular Community working actively to create C2C solutions
• Obtain 3 C2C product certifications
• All Carlsberg Group companies to conduct annual
consumer-facing sustainable packaging activity
• Improve return rate in markets where returnable glass bottles are part of the long-term packaging strategy

2016 – Prepare for future growth
We will continue to conduct further analyses in order to create new products and solutions that can contribute to up-cycling for a resource-efficient economy and society. Our ambition is to be a frontrunner for circular economy materials by leveraging Cradle-to-Cradle® innovation and quality, and by forging new partnerships with other parts of the value chain, including customers and other relevant stakeholders.

Our most important activities during 2014 are:

Cradle-to-Cradle Roadmap
• Continue to onboard partners
• Conduct C2C assessments of at least 3 products

Consumer and customer engagement
• Drive consumer awareness on recycling through campaigns and customer cooperation

Performance improvements
• Reduce environmental impact of packaging by collecting more refillable glass bottles, and reducing the weight of our packaging

Innovations and life cycle assessments
• Upgrade and launch a new version of the instant LCA tool and include liquids