Carlsberg Circular Community, an innovative partnership with key partners, rethinks the design and production of packaging material to eliminate waste and optimize materials for high quality reuse and recycling; often referred to as ‘upcyling’. Below are some examples of Carlsberg Circular Community’s upcycling initiatives:

  • In three year’s time, you might be drinking beer from our new #GreenFiberBottle, made from sustainably sourced wood-fibre that is 100% biodegradable and bio based, generating zero waste. This is a cooperation between Carlsberg, ecoXpac, Innovation Fund Denmark and the Technical University of Denmark;

  • Rexam and Carlsberg obtained Cradle-to-Cradle bronze® certification for Carlsberg and Somersby cans in the UK in late 2014 – this is the first aluminium beverage can to achieve C2C certification. C2C is the only certification available to validate products according to the circular economy’s Biological or Technical cycles, and the certification supports our aspiration to make our cans circulate again and again.

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Carlsberg chairman presents prototype of bio-degradable bottle at “Folkemødet 2015”
During a debate at "Folkemødet 2015" on circular economy and the possibilities for Denmark to become a leading nation in sustainability, Carlsberg chairman Professor Flemming Besenbacher took the stage and presented the first prototype of our bio-degradable bottle.

Eliminate waste by developing next generation of packaging for high-quality 'upcycling'
Carlsberg and selected global suppliers have joined forces to rethink the design and production of packaging material, to develop the next generation of packaging products that are optimised for recycling and reuse, while, at the same time, retaining or improving their quality and value.

Carlsberg teams up with world’s best
Known companies are putting collaboration above competition to make sustainable living the new normal.

Carlsberg and Partners to Develop Biodegradable Wood-Fiber Bottle
Carlsberg unveils latest Carlsberg Circular Community initiative at World Economic Forum in Davos. New Community partners also announced.

Carlsberg and Rexam celebrate first ever Cradle to Cradle certification for a beverage can
The certification, part of Carlsberg’s Circular Community, is the first ever Cradle to Cradle certification to be given to a beverage can.  


Will You Miss The Click In Your Beer?
Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Carlsberg Group, Andraea Dawson-Shepherd, writes about dual responsibility and how we, as producers, have to make products that make it both convenient and affordable to live a life without creating waste.

Carlsberg faces up to 'tough' circular economy changes
To say it has not been tough to incorporate a long-term sustainability strategy within a large, continually expanding company would be a lie. But still, Anne-Marie Skov, former Senior Vice President of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility at Carlsberg Group, believes a transition to the circular economy is possible - even for a company as big as Carlsberg.


Making recycling relevant to our consumers
As part of our work with sustainable packaging, we have set ourselves the target of implementing consumer-facing recycling and sustainability communication in all our companies around the globe by 2017.

The evolution of the Carlsberg beer bottle
From corked glass to wood-fiber - beer quality, design and sustainability are still driving innovations in beer packaging.







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