Click here to see the five visions

  • Courage brews in each of us
    By Team Wilkinson Eyre Architects
  • The Carlsberg Cloud
    By Team DAY
  • New Carlsberg Brewhouse
    By Team Effekt
  • CarlsWorld - The longest bar in the world
    By Team BIG
  • The Carlsberg Brewhouse - Our House Is Your House
    By Team Ralph Appelbaum Associates

Concert in the New Carlsberg Brewhouse

Brewhouse Days 24-26 February 2012

Meet the world's leading architects and designers.

Experience New Carlsberg Brewhouse with lights, sounds and exhibitions.

Opening Friday (Feb 24) 5-8 pm

Visit the Exhibition of the five visions for Carlsberg's future Brand Centre

DJ and bar with Copenhagen & Somersby


Design and Vision Day
Saturday (Feb 25) 11am-4pm

1pm: Day (NL), 1.25pm: Ralph Appelbaum Associates (US)
1.50pm: BIG (DK), 2.15pm: Wilkinson Eyre.Architects (UK)
2.40pm: Effekt (DK)

Exhibition Sunday (Feb 26) 11am-4pm

Exhibition, sound and lights. Guided tours.


Media Contact
Erik Mortensen,
Tel +45 2075 1317