Carlsberg sells Danbrew to Birch & Krogboe

Carlsberg is selling Danbrew Ltd. A/S to Birch & Krogboe A/S with effect from 1 October 2005. At the same time Carlsberg has entered into a long-term agreement on the purchase of brewery-related services from Birch & Krogboe/Danbrew. Danbrew was founded in 1979 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Carlsberg focusing on technical consulting and contracting services for the brewery sector. Since then the company has been involved in more than 1,500 projects in 75 countries, including turnkey projects for the construction of 40 complete new breweries. Danbrew has around 75 employees.   In recent years, as the international brewery sector has undergone rapid consolidation, Danbrew's ownership has held back sales of services to other brewery groups. It is believed that Danbrew will be better able to develop its services for the sector – including brewery optimi-sation and process improvement projects – under new ownership. To ensure that Carlsberg retains access to the specialist expertise built up by Danbrew, a long-term agreement on the supply of brewery related services has been concluded with new owner Birch & Krogboe. Ingelise Bogason, Managing Director of Birch & Krogboe: "It is particularly pleasing both to win a long-term contract from Carlsberg and to take over a highly specialised and expert company like Danbrew. We look forward to working with Carlsberg and to further developing Danbrew's considerable potential together with its employees." Erik Hovgaard, Chairman of Birch & Krogboe: "The agreement with Carlsberg and the acquisition of Danbrew are an important step in the internationalisation of Birch & Krogboe with a focus on specialist services." Kasper Madsen, Senior Vice President Supply Chain at Carlsberg: "The sale of Danbrew furthers Carlsberg's strategy of focusing its business. Having Birch & Krogboe as its new owner will also give Danbrew better opportunities to develop in the future. It is in Carlsberg's interests that Danbrew's skills are of the highest possible standard and are constantly enhanced. The long-term service agreement means that we have secured access to these skills going forward." ContactsCarlsberg:     Media:     Jens Peter Skaarup +45 40 94 14 17    Analysts/investors: Mikael Bo Larsen +45 33 27 12 23  Birch & Krogboe: Managing Director Ingelise Bogason +45 45 95 55 55