New brewhouse opened in the spirit of J.C. Jacobsen

Carlsberg's new Jacobsen brewhouse was opened today in Copenhagen with a ceremony entirely in the spirit of Carlsberg's founder J.C. Jacobsen, from whom it takes its name. In honour of the occasion Carlsberg chose to resurrect the old brewer in the form of actor Ib Frendø, who took the 150 specially invited guests on a tour of Carlsberg's history from 1847 through to today. Carlsberg's President Nils S. Andersen formally opened the new brewery by cracking open the first bottle of beer from the bottling plant, commenting: "In keeping with Carlsberg's traditions, this is a full and wholehearted venture. This is not some overgrown microbrewery or an exhibition centre – it's a state-of-the-art brewery where our brewers' ideas can be brought to fruition with consistently high standards of quality. After all, this is Carlsberg – which means that we have an obligation to maintain the highest quality even when it comes to speciality products and experiments. "Naturally the Jacobsen brewhouse can draw on all of our expertise at Carlsberg and on the research results from our laboratories, but Jacobsen is to be its own brewery with both the freedom and a duty to create and produce the best and most exciting speciality products in the world – or at least 'probably the best', given that these things are always a matter of taste!" The Jacobsen brewhouse is an expression of Carlsberg's ambitious plans for the development and marketing of uncompromising speciality beers produced using only the very best raw materials and brewing processes. Gastronomic considerations play a major role in the development phase, as suitability for accompanying different dishes is specific to each beer. "We want to get beer – and Jacobsen in particular – back on the dining-table," says brewmaster Jens Eiken, who also set the stage for close collaboration with Denmark's many small breweries. "We want to give people new taste experiences, and we want to challenge and develop beer culture. It's about making the most of what nature has to offer." The brewhouse's initial output will consist of the four beers in the Jacobsen range and another four in the Semper Ardens range. These beers will be available both from retailers and at selected restaurants and cafes. The brewhouse is located in the heart of the Carlsberg Visitors Centre, which attracts around 150,000 visitors every year. It will therefore serve as a living embodiment of Carlsberg's cultural history and offer a feast for both the eyes and the taste-buds. In connection with the creation of the new brewhouse, the Carlsberg Visitors Centre has undergone a major modernisation programme where the use of sensory stimuli such as sound, lighting and aromas helps to give visitors a real day to remember.