One of The Worlds most Expensive beers launched by Carlsberg

Once again Carlsberg's Jacobsen Brew House in Copenhagen Denmark raises the bar for brewing, by launching the second brew in its Vintage trilogy. Vintage No. 2 is sold for the price of DKK 2009 (more than 250 Euro) a bottle, and only 600 bottles of this exclusive beer are brewed. Vintage No. 2 is one of the world's most expensive beers, and is created together with the controversial Chilean born artist Marco Evaristti. Together they are uncompromising in their way to setting new standards. Vintage No. 1 was launched a year ago and created interest all over the world. “With the Vintage trilogy we want to push the boundaries for what a beer can do, and to challenge the luxury wine segment in the gourmet restaurant market by utilising our innovation and brewing capabilities”, says Morten Ibsen, Brewmaster at Jacobsen, who in cooperation with four other brewmasters has developed the Vintage No. 2. Vintage No. 2 has, as the only contemporary beer, been matured in J.C. Jacobsen’s original crypt-like cellar from 1847 where it has been stored in French oak casks for 100 days. The beer has a jet-black colour and espresso-like foam. And it reveals flavours of vanilla and cocoa/mocha. The aroma is distinct with hints of tar and ropes, which come from the peat-smoked, Scottish malt, which has been transported from Scotland solely for this brew. Vintage No. 2 is perfect pairing for oysters, shellfish, Parma ham and cheese, and if you crave for something sweet, chocolate and crème brûlée also goes with the beer. Each Vintage bottle is labelled with a hand stencilled lithographic print made by the artist Marco Evaristti: “We chose Marco to make the prints as his art is centred around being uncompromising, innovative and pushing boundaries just like the Vintage trilogy”, says Morten Ibsen. Marco Evaristti has made five different prints for the beer each with the elephant as the recurring motive. Only 125 items of each has been made which make the empties real collector’s item.   Contacts: Brewmaster                Morten Ibsen                   +45 22 29 12 04