Sustainability at Carlsberg

Ever since J.C. Jacobsen established the Carlsberg Foundation 140 years ago, a commitment to society has been at the heart of our business. This is nowhere more evident than in our sustainability efforts. Our business is dependent on the availability of land, water, crops, healthy ecosystems and thriving communities. Without these, we would not be able to make and sell our products. This means that global sustainability trends and drivers, such as climate change, water scarcity, population growth, urbanisation, income inequality and resource constraints, all have a major actual and potential impact on our business.


Sustainability News

Highlighted Projects and Initiatives

Carlsberg Circular Community

Carlsberg Circular Community is an innovative partnership with key partners that rethinks the design and production of packaging material to eliminate waste and optimize materials for high quality reuse and recycling; often referred to as ‘upcyling’. The purpose of the Carlsberg Circular Community (CCC) is to pursue a circular, zero-waste economy by using the Cradle-to-Cradle® (C2C®) framework when developing and marketing new products. Below are some examples of Carlsberg Circular Community’s upcycling initiatives:

  • In three years time, you might be drinking beer from our new Green Fiber Bottle, made from sustainably sourced wood-fibre that is 100% biodegradable and bio based, generating zero waste. This is a cooperation between Carlsberg, ecoXpac, Innovation Fund Denmark and the Technical University of Denmark
  • Rexam and Carlsberg obtained Cradle-to-Cradle bronze® certification for Carlsberg and Somersby cans in the UK in late 2014 – this is the first aluminium beverage can to achieve C2C certification. C2C is the only certification available to validate products according to the circular economy’s Biological or Technical cycles, and the certification supports our aspiration to make our cans circulate again and again.


The Green Fiber Bottle

Packaging is a very visible and tangible part of the Carlsberg Group’s product offering. Unfortunately, it is also a major contributor to our CO2 emissions. Our approach is therefore to try to optimise the use of resources in a way that balances product integrity and functionality with environmental impact. Brewing is our core business, not packaging, so we draw on the support of others along the supply chain to achieve our aims.

In 2015, we kicked off a development project with Danish packaging company EcoXpac - supported by Innovation Fund Denmark and the Technical University of Denmark - to develop a beer bottle made from sustainably sourced wood fibre.

Global Beer Responsibility Day

In September 2015, the Carlsberg Group joined with other global brewers, local brewers and beer associations to mark the first Global Beer Responsibility Day (GBRD), a worldwide initiative to highlight collaborative efforts to promote responsible beer consumption and address issues around alcohol misuse. In September 2016, we once again came together with 50,000 brewer employees around the world to promote responsible drinking.