Carlsberg and Brooklyn open new craft brewery in Lithuania

On 28 June, after a three year reconstruction project, the Svyturys Brewery finally opened its doors in the Klaipeda port area in Lithuania. Here, beer enthusiasts can find a modern craft beer line, beer museum, gastrobar and shop, and conference and degustation halls – all under one roof. The project is a joint investment between the Carlsberg Group and Brooklyn Brewery - strengthening the partnership between the two brewers even further, in order to excel in the European craft beer market.

“Today the Svyturys Brewery embarks on a new journey, changing a closed and outdated brewing space into  a modern, open and social place - where it is all about brewing the perfect craft beer. Our ambition is to nurture and support the rich beer culture in Lithuania and to make Svyturys Brewery the centre of this culture not only within Lithuania, but also in the entire Baltic region. I am sure that this day also marks the beginning of a greater change within the brewing market of Lithuania,” said Rolandas Virsilas, Managing Director, Svyturys-Utenos Alus.

Third major opening

Svyturys Brewery is the third major joint project between the Brooklyn Brewery and the Carlsberg Group in Europe. The leaders of the craft beer market in the US have also opened similar craft breweries in Stockholm (Sweden), London (UK) and Trondheim (Norway) in cooperation with Carlsberg.

“In Klaipeda, we found a passionate group of brewers who wanted to introduce new styles and flavours to beer enthusiasts in Lithuania. It was natural for us to partner with like-minded brewers, who also want to advance a good beer culture,“ said Robin Ottaway, President of Brooklyn Brewery, in attendance for the brewery’s grand opening.

Social, open, flexible brewery

The renovated brewery will brew craft and specialty beers for the Svyturys and Raudonos Plytos brands. Moreover, new and exciting brews will be created together with brewers from the Brooklyn Brewery – with the brewery being suited to small, experimental batches.

“It will be THE place for beer and cultural events in Lithuania. We shall demonstrate the brewing process, educate about beer heritage and food pairing combinations, as well as offer tastings to all visitors.  From now on brewing will be part of the socializing experience for guests. It will be a truly special place in Klaipeda,“ says Andrius Bagdzevicius, Marketing Manager at Svyturys-Utenos Alus.


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