Carlsberg Group increases ownership of Super Bock Group in Portugal

The Carlsberg Group has acquired 28.5% of the shares in Viacer. Viacer is the controlling shareholder of Super Bock Group, holding 56% of the shares in the company. The other 44% of the shares in Super Bock Group are owned by Carlsberg.

Viacer continues to be controlled by our partner and consequently, Super Bock Group will remain an associated company in the Group accounts. Following the transaction, the Carlsberg Group’s direct and indirect ownership in Super Bock Group makes up 60%.

Super Bock Group is the market leader in Portugal, holding a market share of 47% with a strong brand portfolio, including brands such as Super Bock, Carlsberg and Somersby.

Carlsberg Group CEO Cees ‘t Hart says: “We are pleased that we have increased our indirect shareholding in Super Bock Group. It is a very strong business with a market leading position in Portugal, offering appealing long-term opportunities.”


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