Carlsberg Participates in Earth Hour for the Eleventh Time

On 24 March between 8:30-9:30 PM, the Carlsberg Group will join millions of people and businesses across the globe to draw attention to climate change by switching off non-essential lights at breweries, offices, billboards, warehouses, garages and other locations for one hour.

It is the eleventh time that the Carlsberg Group has participated in the event, with it’s operations in 18 markets – including over 40 breweries taking part in the initiative.

Sustainability Director, Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, says:

“Earth Hour is something that we have supported for over a decade. In sparking conversations between people, businesses and governments about the urgent action required to combat climate change, it has never been more relevant.

“It’s fantastic to see so many of our markets taking part in Earth Hour once again, as we continue our journey towards our 2030 target of eliminating carbon emissions at our breweries. We have a long way to go, but initiatives like this only help to focus our attention on overcoming the necessary challenges to achieve our ambition.”

The Carlsberg Group recently published it’s 2017 Sustainability Report showing good progress on its Together Towards ZERO. Performance included a reduction in global brewery carbon emissions of 16% compared with its 2015 baseline year, and that 46% of the Group’s electricity now comes from renewable sources.

Launched in June 2017, Together Towards ZERO calls for strong action in the face of complex sustainability challenges such as climate change, access to water resources and public health concerns. It consists of four major ambitions – ZERO carbon footprint, ZERO water waste, ZERO irresponsible drinking and a ZERO accidents culture – each with individual targets for 2022 and 2030 respectively.

To help accelerate progress towards a more sustainable future and deliver on its new targets, the Carlsberg Group recently announced the formation of the Carlsberg Young Scientists Community, tasked with helping deliver innovative new solutions to address climate change and water scarcity. The community will work in partnership with scientists, universities and the Carlsberg Research Laboratory.


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