Chris Warmoth appointed Executive Vice President Western Europe; Michiel Herkemij to take sabbatical from Carlsberg for personal reasons

Michiel Herkemij, EVP Western Europe, has decided to take a sabbatical from the Carlsberg Group in order to give his personal/family life a different priority.

Michiel joined the company in September 2015 – and as part of the Group’s SAIL’22 strategy, he developed a firm implementation plan for Western Europe against which we have seen good progress, both in terms of commercial execution and organisational development.

Chris Warmoth will step in to complete the implementation. Chris has held various Executive positions in Carlsberg since joining the company in January 2014. His first role was EVP for Asia and he is currently EVP for Group Strategy.

Michiel will take sabbatical from the end of February 2018, and Chris will formally take over the EVP Western Europe role as of January 1 2018 to ensure a smooth transition.

Chris’ replacement in Group Strategy will be announced at a later stage.


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