Following extraordinary demand: Jacobsen is now launching Yakima IPA

From test brew to national launch. The new IPA from Brewery Jacobsen – Yakima IPA – has been extraordinarily well received in Danish bars and restaurants and is now launching in bottles.

Since the introduction in March 2017, Jacobsen Yakima IPA has managed to become the third most sold variant of Brewery Jacobsen – and that’s solely based on the sale of draft beer. After just a short time, despite limited supply, Jacobsen Yakima IPA accounted for 11% of Jacobsen’s draft beer volume in 2017.

“Yakima IPA’s success in Danish bars and restaurants is the reason we have decided to launch the beer in bottles. Now everybody can taste the hoppy variant – both when out and when at home,” says Frederic Viking, Brand Manager at Brewery Jacobsen.

Brewery Jacobsen’s ‘Brewer’s Tap’ is a draft beer concept where selected customers in the on-trade regularly gets to taste an assortment of beers, which are otherwise not available on the market. It can be an entirely new type of beer or a classic. In spring last year, Jacobsen Yakima IPA was first introduced on the brand-new draft beer system ‘DraughtMaster’.

”The Brewer’s Tap really allows us to test new ideas and different taste variants. We get speedy constructive feedback from both customers and consumers, and that’s exactly what happened with Yakima IPA,” explains Frederic Viking. Viking refers to the demand that arose as Jacobsen Yakima IPA was first tested in the trade. Later it rolled in with requests to buy extra kegs and in the end, the brewery had to initiate a whole new brew to keep up.

”Yakima IPA has a fantastic aroma profile with an almost tropical fruit twist and fits perfectly with the spirit of time. We expect there to be a big un-used potential for Jacobsen with those people, who really appreciates hops’ exotic aroma,” says Frederic Viking.

Jacobsen Yakimi is the hoppiest beer that has ever been brewed by brewery Jacobsen, who already has Jacobsen India Pale Ale in the portfolio. IPA, as a beer type, has experienced a rising popularity over the past 20 years. Earlier, however, it has mainly been IPAs with a high hoppy bitterness that dominated the market. In the new generation of IPAs, the focus has instead shifted towards hops aroma.

"We can without doubt say that Yakima IPA differs from our existing IPA variant, which has an English touch. Jacobsen Yakima IPA is brewed on a selection of hop varieties, all from Yakima Valley in Washington State, US – the first place to commercialize hops in 1876,” says Frederic Viking.

Do you know the story of the IPA?

IPA is an abbreviation of India Pale Ale, but in reality, the beer does not have a lot to do with India. When the Brits colonized India, pale ale was a popular beer type back in England. More and more British moved to India and so did the demand for pale ale. Regular pale ale had, in the meantime, difficulties making the journey all the way to India, and the English therefore got the idea to add extra hops; a natural preservative that helps strengthen the beer’s stability. India Pale Ale was born.


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