Getting involved with one of the company's biggest campaign: Tuborg Open

Read about Chiara's wonderful life with Tuborg Open.

When I started my position at Carlsberg, I thought I would slowly get to know all the different frameworks and models we work with before diving into important real life cases. I was wrong! I started my journey in Carlsberg as part of the Global Tuborg Brand Team, with the Global Brand Director and Global Marketing Manager as partners "in crime". A very international and diverse team with so many amazing skills and character traits. They gave me challenging and exciting tasks and I learned so much from day one. Right from the beginning, I became an important supporter of the most volume-strong brand in Carlsberg: Tuborg. This gave me exposure to - and big involvement in - one of the company’s biggest campaigns: Tuborg Open.

Tuborg Open is the Global Music Collaboration Platform, which gives music artists from across the world the chance to work together with world stars. In 2017, Tuborg Open was launched for the first time. Now we are already in the 2nd and completely new version of it. In 2017, Tuborg partnered with Major Lazer, known for tracks like: Cold Water, Lean On, Light it up & Know No Better. 8 Tuborg markets from across the world partnered with local music artists, who then got the opportunity to work directly together with Major Lazer or use their beat, the Tuborg Beat!

My tasks from the beginning included supporting the global platform rollout. "Global Rollout" captures the main essence of this task: daily contact with 8 very diverse, very different markets (and cultures) from all over the world. China, India, Russia, Italy, Iceland, Serbia, Bosnia & Montenegro all had a very big part in the global campaign and I was in weekly contact with them. Supporting such a big campaign requires a lot of co-operation and consists of many smaller projects, not only with participating markets, but also their agencies who help make such a campaign successful. My main tasks during this campaign were:

  • Planning & coordinating with the involved agencies on the individual market rollouts
  • Coordinating Social Media Activities across all markets
  • Distributing global assets & follow up on their localization
  • Helping to onboard markets to the platform
  • Monitoring the markets social media activities, connected to the campaign
  • Accompanying the asset development process
  • Event Management

The last bit points to my personal highlights of being part of this rollout. The campaign culminated in a big event in Moscow, Russia with Major Lazer as main act. 4 months before the event, we started the preparation. I was in charge of the event management from the global team together with the Russian Tuborg team, who was in charge of hosting and coordinating the event with 10,000 guests. Major elements of my role in the event planning were:

  • Coordinating the stay of our markets represenatitives, the artists and invited consumers
  • Coordinating the Meet & Greet with Major Lazer
  • Together with our global agency, coordinating Major Lazers stay in Moscow
  • Making sure the brand set up of this event is in line with the global design requirements
  • Plan & ensure the media assets which should boost the even

In September, it was finally the time to travel to Russia and celebrate the climax of the partnership with Major Lazer: TBRG Open Fest with Major Lazer. Here a small glimpse of the event: