In Odense, You Can Taste the Beer that Hans Christian Andersen Enjoyed

On the occasion of the H. C. Andersen festival in Odense, Jacobsen Brewhouse has recreated the beer that Hans Christian Andersen enjoyed back in his time.

Hans Christian Andersen's diary from 17th-18th October 1874 says that the old fairytale writer received 12 bottles of Carlsberg Export and was promised even more over the winter by Carlsberg's founder, brewer JC Jacobsen. Based on a unique historical source material, direct links can be found between the world famous author, Hans Christian Andersen and founder of Carlsberg J.C. Jacobsen. For the occasion of the  H.C. Andersen Festival in Odense 21-28 August, Jacobsen Brewhouse, which is fully owned by Carlsberg Group, has recreated the beer, which Hans Christian Andersen drank in his later years.

During 1874, H. C. Andersen lived both in the Nyhavn harbor in Copenhagen as well as with the Melchior family in Eastern Copenhagen. During this time, he had the habit of attending Copenhagen's most luxurious dinner parties and enjoyed conversations with many of Copenhagen's elite. It may well have been after such a visit to J.C. Jacobsen in the autumn of 1874, that the brewer decided to send a consignment Carlsberg Export Lager to the author's catering.

“We are proud to be working with this adventurous festival, and wanted to brew a festive brew to the festival and our customers in Odense. Using our Carlsberg’s archive, we found the original brewhouse record from the beginning of 1874 and we could reconstruct the beer that was delivered to Hans Christian Andersen’s address in Nyhavn. Carlsberg Export 1874 has a dark hazel color with a rich off-white foam crown. The aroma is rich in malt, and the taste is characterized by a round bodied malt sweetness, and we believe Hans Christian Andersen drank it with relish,“ says brewmaster Morten Ibsen.

"The collaboration with H.C. Andersen festival fits in well with Carlsberg's long history, strong traditions and focus on Odense as an exciting city with vibrant cultural life. Jacobsen Export 1874 is a unique opportunity to toast in the beer which Hans Christian Andersen received from brewer J. C. Jacobsen in 1874, and a contribution to the H. C. Andersen universe that the festival is known for both at home and abroad," says Morten Ibsen.

The beer is available at bars and restaurants in Odense on 19 August, 2016, at 18.05, the year that Hans Christian Andersen was born.

Jacobsen Brewhouse is Carlsberg's craft brewery and the largest Danish specialty brand. The name, Jacobsen, refers to Carlsberg’s founder J.C. Jacobsen and his son Carl Jacobsen. The brewery is led by brewmaster Morten Ibsen, and has a capacity of 25,000 Hl beer per year, which is now divided into eight permanent varieties, seven seasonal variations and a selection of so-called limited editions. Jacobsen Brewery resides in one of the wing buildings of the brewery that J.C. Jacobsen built in the period 1847 to 1891. All the buildings are protected, and together make up one of Denmark's most important industrial monuments including a museum.



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Carlsberg founder, J.C. Jacobsen

Carlsberg founder, J.C. Jacobsen