Our 2016 Economic Contribution to Society Report is now available

Carlsberg Group’s economic contribution report, published today, shows that the Group generated approximately 447,000 jobs and DKK 105bn in total government revenues directly and indirectly through related industries. The total value added by the production and sales of its products in 2016 totalled DKK 86bn across the world.

The Carlsberg Group employs more than 41,000 people, primarily located in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. In all markets, the Group generates economic value through jobs, growth and government revenues for local communities and national governments.

Some of the highlights of the report:

  • One Carlsberg employee on average generates 10 additional jobs in related industries. Four in agriculture and other suppliers, five in hospitality and one in retail.

  • Carlsberg Group generated approximately 447.000 jobs directly and indirectly in 2016. The total indirect and induced employment created by the Group in 2016 amounted to approximately 406,000 employees in addition to the +41.000 people directly employed.

  • The Carlsberg Group's total tax contribution was DKK 38 bn in 2016. Taxes are collected and borne in the countries in which the Group operates. Using a well-recognised methodology, Regioplan estimates that in 2016 the Carlsberg Group generated approximately DKK 105bn in total government revenues directly and through related industries.

  • Carlsberg Group generated value added of approximately DKK 86bn in 2016. Value added is calculated by Regioplan, using a well-recognised methodology to determine the difference between the market value of the final product and the purchasing value of the goods and services acquired for its production.

  • Carlsberg Group’s majority-owned companies invested DKK 33m in local communities, including in-kind donations to support charity events, direct financial contributions and cause-related marketing activities.

This is the third time Carlsberg Group reports on its full economic contributions to society.

The report is available here:


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