Ringnes and Brooklyn Brewery Launch New and Rebuilt E.C. Dahls Brewery in Norway

This evening, the new E.C. Dalhs brewery will open its doors celebrating the cooperation between Ringnes and Brooklyn Brewery.

In November 2014, Ringnes, fully owned by Carlsberg Group, decided to invest in a new brewery and beer centre in Trondheim, Norway together with the New York-based Brooklyn Brewery. Tonight, for the opening of the Trondheim Beer Festival 2016, Ringnes and Brooklyn Brewery is ready to produce a new generation of craft beers at the historic site of the original E.C. Dahls Brewery in Trondheim, Norway.

The main task of the local brewery, founded in 1856 by Erich Christian Dahl, is to produce beer for Ringnes. In adjunct to the new brewery, a new beer centre with a brewpub and restaurant, as well a visitor centre with conference facilities will open. E.C. Dahls will be the company’s flagship in the rapidly growing Norwegian craft beer segment and continues to brew ‘Dahls-pilsen’, the number one local lager beer in Trondheim.

“I feel proud when looking back at what we’ve achieved over the past few months. Proud because we’ve established a great brewery that continues the 160 year long beer brewing history and traditions of E.C. Dahl's. Proud because we are located in a city that has a great number of enthusiasts and supporters who have helped us move forward throughout the process. And proud because our owners dared to invest in this adventure”, says head of E.C. Dahls brewery, Erik Norgård.

Norgår continues: “E.C. Dahl Brewery shall be a place where everyone feels welcome and where other brewers and beer enthusiasts can seek inspiration and knowledge. In accordance with Norwegian brewing traditions, E.C. Dahls’ culture is based on knowledge sharing and openness. Hopefully we will offer the city, its residents and visitors a new attraction.”

Founded in 1876, Ringnes is Norway’s leading beverage company. Carlsberg Group acquired the sole ownership of Ringnes in 2004. Carlsberg Group and Brooklyn Brewery have had a successful and similar cooperation and partnership with the New Carnegie brewery in Stockholm since 2012.

“Another proud day for Carlsberg Group and Brooklyn Breweries. E.C. Dahls follows on from New Carnegie in Stockholm and again embodies the essence of our partnership, a shared commitment to create together innovative craft breweries and brew outstanding craft beer," says Paul Thomas Davies, Carlsberg Group’s VP for Craft and Speciality.

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Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of Carlsberg at E.C. Dahls Brewery Opening

Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of Carlsberg at E.C. Dahls Brewery Opening

New and rebuilt E.C. Dahls Brewery

The brewery opening