Sweden's Most Popular Non-alcoholic Beer Becomes Organic

More and more Swedes choose non-alcoholic beverages both at restaurants and at home, which has significantly increased the sale of alcoholic beverage alternatives. Therefore, Carlsberg Sweden’s most popular non-alcoholic beer, Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic 0.5%, is launched in an organic variety.

Swedes' interest in non-alcoholic beer is greater than ever. Sales at Systembolaget, the state-owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden, has increased by 66 percent in the past two years. With the recent beer boom that has swept across Sweden, interest in beer's ingredients has become increasingly important. Every third Swede chooses to buy organic beer, when available.*

Carlsberg Sweden converted Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic 0.5%, the country's best-selling non-alcoholic beer that football fans from all over Europe know from the UEFA EURO in France, into Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic Organic 0.5%. With this change, more than one in three non-alcoholic beers sold in Sweden will be organic. 
“The great thing about beer is the taste, not the alcohol percentage, and we have seen that awareness about taste and ingredients has dramatically increased when it comes to beer. More and more consumers want to drink both non-alcoholic and organic. Therefore we are delighted to be able to combine the ‘green aspect’ with the non-alcoholic,” says Karin Atterfors, Marketing Manager, Carlsberg Sweden. 
Carlsberg Sweden chose to wholeheartedly enter this market by investing in its organic range - also by making its top-selling brands, like Carlsberg 0.5%, and also Carlsberg 3.5% 33cl, completely organic.

Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic Organic has a malty taste with hints of white bread, grass and hops.

*According to a survey carried out by Brandjobs on behalf of Carlsberg Sweden. Go to this link to read more about the survey:


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