The Carlsberg Group Makes Progress towards Achieving 2017 Sustainability Targets

2015 Sustainability Report reveals progress in the areas of responsible drinking, sustainable packaging and environmental performance. The report, which contains performance data for 2015 and the current status against 2017 targets, shows that the Group is on track to meet its commitments.

2015 highlights:

Responsible drinking: During the first Global Beer Responsibility Day, in 2015, we reached more than 1.5 million consumers in 10 different countries with responsible drinking messaging.

Sustainable crowdsourcing: In Cheers to Green Ideas, our first crowdsourcing competition to make beer more sustainable, we received 162 ideas from 35 countries.

Sustainable innovation: Together with EcoXpac, one of eight current partners in the Carlsberg Circular Community, we initiated the development of a bio-based and biodegradable bottle – the Green Fiber Bottle.

Environmental performance: We achieved slight improvements in energy and CO2 and stable water performance, despite volume decline in Eastern Europe and increased volumes at less efficient Asian breweries.

  • Energy consumption was reduced by 1.4% to 29 kWh/hl compared to 29.4 kWh/hl in 2014 (a reduction of around 10% since 2009)
  • CO2 emissions were reduced by 4.1% to 7.0 kg CO2/hl compared to 7.3 kg CO2/hl in 2014 (a reduction of around 21% since 2009)
  • Water efficiency remained at the same level as in 2014 at 3.4 hl/hl (an improvement of 8% since 2009

Fewer accidents: We reduced our lost-time accident rate by more than 16% and our days lost rate by 8%. In Production, we reduced our lost-time accident rate by 32% and our days lost rate by 19% compared with 2014.


"2015 showed moderate improvements in a year of transition in which we continued to integrate several new production entities,” says Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Sustainability Director, Carlsberg Group. “We remain committed to further improving our performance through partnerships and collaboration, and to making a positive contribution to society, focusing on the key themes of Resources & Environment, Health & Well-being and People & Policies."
“In 2015, we strengthened our efforts even more to create a culture of responsible drinking among our consumers. This was supported by targets and initiatives to reach even more consumers through our packaging and brand communication. We also obtained great feedback on the Green Fiber Bottle project, which we see as a testament to increasing sustainability interest and awareness from our consumers,” says Hoffmeyer.

About sustainability at the Carlsberg Group

A key element of the Carlsberg Group's sustainability strategy is the integration of sustainability throughout the value chain. Embedding sustainability in existing business processes, developing policies to ensure standards, driving collaboration through partnerships, and setting global and local targets to improve sustainability performance are the cornerstones of this strategic process. Our three key themes are: Resources & Environment, Health & Well-being and People & Policies. Learn more about sustainability at the Carlsberg Group:

About the Carlsberg Circular Community

Launched in 2014, the Carlsberg Circular Community (CCC) is a cooperation between the Carlsberg Group and selected partners with the aim of pursuing a circular, zero-waste economy by using the Cradle-to-Cradle® (C2C®) framework when developing and marketing new products. The CCC currently comprises eight partners and aims to engage 17 partners by 2017. More on the Carlsberg Circular Community.


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