Tuborg Brings Together Global Artists for Major Lazer Headlined Event in Moscow

Global dance superstars, Major Lazer headlined the Tuborg OPEN Fest in Moscow this weekend for their first ever performance in Russia.

Best known for hits such as Cold Water, Light It Up and Lean On, Major Lazer were joined by artists from eight different countries including Russia’s most highly praised rap and hip-hop star, Scriptonite, originally from Kazakhstan, and Bollywood rap star, Badshah, among others.

The event was the culmination of the brand’s Tuborg OPEN campaign, with each artist on show having created a unique song using Major Lazer’s Tuborg Beat, which was created by the group earlier this year and passed on to artists around the world to bring their own sound to the beat, inspired by their hometowns.

"We’re all part of a global culture now. People are open to inspiration from across the world, not just their own back yard. There’s a constant conversation between America, China, India, Russia—through hip-hop, rock and roll or dance hall. There are small and fast moving scenes happening across these places, and kids are learning and creating fresh new things. It's cool to be a part of that," says DJ and Producer, Diplo.

“When we created the beat, we wanted something that would be strong but versatile, ‘cos we didn’t know what would come from the creative process. It’s crazy to see how it’s been interpreted so differently by each the artists, with their own styles and cultural experiences coming through,” explains DJ and Producer Walshy Fire. “The tracks are unique and sound great on their own but when they come together, they create something really special”.

Commenting on the weekend’s gig, DJ and Producer Jillionaire said: “This was the first time we’ve played Russia and the Moscow crowd didn’t disappoint. We’re used to sharing the stage with artists from around the world, but it’s rare that a line-up is quite as diverse as at Tuborg OPEN Fest. It was an unreal experience.”

Tuborg is a beer made for global exploration and discovery with roots in exporting both lager and music culture throughout the world. Through its decades-long history of supporting the biggest music festivals (Glastonbury, Roskilde, Monsoon and Greenfest to name a few) it has introduced ground breaking acts to music fans in Eastern Europe and Asia for the very first time.

Ashvin George, Tuborg Global Marketing Manager, said: “The Tuborg OPEN campaign and the Tuborg Beat encapsulate everything that the brand stands for, embracing its explorative spirit and encouraging music fans around the world to discover new global sounds. As one of the most collaborative groups in the world, Major Lazer has been the perfect creative partner to connect the different cultures, genres and artists involved - all of which were brought together at Tuborg OPEN Fest in Moscow this weekend.”

Music fans can follow the Tuborg OPEN campaign, and find how each artist has brought their own sound and signature style to the Tuborg Beat inspired by their own authentic music journey and culture, at


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