Barley Bros Apple & Green Tea

Barley Bros Apple & Green Tea

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Barley Bros Apple & Green Tea

Barley Bros is our new generation of alcohol-free soft brews.

The drink’s recipe was developed at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory in Denmark. Barley Bros natural and rich flavour is achieved due to the secret formulas and recipes. First, the barley is brewed in a unique way, then we add fruit juices and natural extracts.

The drink’s core secret is its naturalness and the absence of added sugar, sweeteners and preservatives. The base of the drink is hull-less barley complimented by the superb taste of apple and green tea. 

Barley Bros Apple & Green Tea is the perfect drink for socializing with friends. The interesting feature of the drink is its light foam and fizzy texture. Serve cooled at the temperature from 4 °C to 6 °C.