Jacobsen Pale Ale

Jacobsen Pale Ale

Beer type:
Ale, Speciality
Brand Origin:
Jacobsen Pale Ale

Pale Ale is brewed on pale ale malt, as well as a selection of mild roasted malts, which together give the beer a rich malt flavour. The beer has Hallertauer Mittelfrüh added as bitter hops and is dry hopped with our own Hallertauer Jacobsen hops, which contributes with a citrus gapefruit-ish scent to the beer's otherwise fruity aroma.

Food Pairings

With its distinctive hoppy bitterness, the Jacobsen Pale Ale is suitable for fat food. Enjoy with roasted or grilled lamb, pork or beef. Can also be enjoyed as a thirst-quencher for spicy dishes known from India and the Far East. Perfect for  a plate with hard cheeses.