Jacobsen Weissbier

Jacobsen Weissbier

Beer type:
Speciality, Wheat Beer
Brand Origin:
Jacobsen Weissbier

Jacobsen Weissbier is a classic, un-filtered wheat beer inspired by traditional south German beer but with Nordic simplicity. 

The colour of the beer is cloudy orange with a creamy foam crown. 

Jacobsen Weissbier is full of fruity notes, including banana, melon and citrus thanks to the top-fermenting yeast applied which incidentally is tapped to give consumers a creamier experience whilst drinking Weissbier. The taste of Jacobsen Weissbier is slightly sour, sweet and very refreshing.

Food Pairings

  • Rustic Bavarian food such as Weisswurst or dumplings
  • Hearty salads with couscous or pearl barley
  • Sandwiches with cheese
  • Pasta dishes with seafood
  • Spicy Asian cuisine
  • Steamed fish

It is recommended to gently roll the bottle before serving.