Saku Antvärk Citra IPA

Saku Antvärk Citra IPA

Beer type:
India Pale Ale
Brand Origin:
Saku Antvärk Citra IPA

Saku Antvärk is a brand for people who appreciates all things made with passion. The inspiration for these brews were found in the storied history of the Saku Brewery and our many dedicated master brewers over the years, as well as the rapidly changing and developing world of beer. This is also evident in the brand name; in old Estonian, the word 'antvärk' meant craftsman – an artisan who was dedicated to his art and always put his heart into his work.

Saku Antvärk Citra IPA is an American-style IPA where only Citra hops are used in brewing, resulting in an easy-to-drink, hoppy IPA with a bursting tropical grains freshness.