Saku Antvärk Karge Sidrun

Saku Antvärk Karge Sidrun

Beer type:
Long Drink
Brand Origin:
Saku Antvärk Karge Sidrun

Saku Antvärk is a brand for those who appreciate everything which is made with the soul. The drinks are inspired by the dignified history of Saku Brewery, the work of dedicated brewers and also by the ever-changing beer industry. All of those characteristics are also present in the name of our brand. Antvärk meant Craftsman in old Estonian. A true artisan who was dedicated to his craft and was willing to put his heart into everything he did.

Saku Antvärk Karge Sidrun is a long drink with a classic taste nuances to offer the joy of recognition for everyone familiar with Finnish style long drinks. The crisp sweetness of hard lemon is balanced against a slightly bitter aftertaste to create a delightful experience.