Saku Kali

Saku Kali

Beer type:
Low Alcohol
Brand Origin:
Saku Kali

Traditionally fermented kvass Saku Kali tastes just like a quality kvass should taste. The reason is rather obvious – it has been brewed like a quality kvass should be brewed. Only barley-malt of the highest standard, pure water and natural brewing methods are used, giving Saku Kali an alcohol content of 0.9 %, typical of kvass brewed from natural barley-malt.

The natural and smooth taste of Saku Kali is an enjoyable and efficient way of fighting thirst. A good swig of this tasty beverage is the perfect refreshment after a hot sauna or on a hot summer’s day while working in the sun.

That’s what the hop-brewed, tradition-inspired Saku Kali is like.