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Carlsberg Young Scientists Community

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The Young Scientists Community’s innovative projects are setting new industry standards for science-based, partnership-driven sustainability research. In 2019 they explored solutions for cutting water waste from cleaning and up-cycling wastewater, as well as ways to balance and reduce energy requirements throughout our breweries.

Their research includes building a digital twin of our St. Petersburg brewery. This way, they can identify ways to maximise energy efficiency and assess the impact of new solutions.

The Community is also assessing the viability of new sources of energy, and using brewery by-products to generate green power and heat to fuel brewery processes.

For upcycling brewery effluents, the Community is exploring the potential use of microalgae. This nutrient removal accumulates algal biomass, which could be used for feed or food purposes. And by regenerating the used cleaning liquids, they can be reused again and again. In 2020, the Young Scientists will commence stress-testing technologies in a brewing environment.

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Our plan

Our plan

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