Brotherhood brings out the best in all of us.

Like when our brew masters got together, sharing centuries of brewing expertise to create a new kind of alcohol-free drink.

For centuries brewing has used the special natural qualities of barley to create drinks that people enjoy together with friends. Now scientists and brew masters at the Carlsberg Group have used all that expertise to inspire a new breed of brewed barley drinks. Full of character and naturally refreshing. We call it Barley Bros. Soft Brew.

The craft inside the glass

Combined with Carlsberg Group's mindset of constantly pursuing better and offering exceptional brand experiences, Barley Bros. Soft Brew. is crafted to the highest standards with an easy-going blend of brewed barley, fruit juices and carefully chosen botanicals flavours.

Gently sparkling with delicate sweetness from the brewed barley and a smooth foam head.

Created using our expertise without adding sugar, sweeteners or any artificial ingredients. To be enjoyed together. Like good times with friends, it comes naturally.

Barley Bros Lemon & Moroccan Mint

Barley Bros. Soft Brew.

A new breed of brewed barley drinks. Full character and naturally refreshing. We call it Soft Brew. No alcohol, added sugar or artificial ingredients.