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Halving water usage at Fredericia brewery

Thanks to our partnership with DRIP, Fredericia will be our first brewery to virtually eliminate water waste. The pilot wastewater treatment plant will move the brewery from 2.9 hl of water per hl of beer to just 1.4 hl/hl, accelerating global progress.

This state-of-the-art total water recycling plant has been made possible through a progressive public-private partnership, DRIP (the Danish partnership for Resource and water-efficient Industrial food Production). The project involves not only universities and technology providers but also the Danish veterinary, environment and food authorities, ensuring that it meets Denmark’s high food and environment standards.

The total water recycling plant will reuse 90% of process wastewater, while reducing energy consumption by 10% through own biogas production and recirculation of hot water. This will bring us closer to our ambition to halve water usage by 2030, set out in our sustainability programme, Together Towards ZERO.

Following screening and evaluation by Carlsberg’s Integrated Supply Chain, the Fredericia brewery was selected as a test site for its first total water recycling plant. When the brewery first opened in 1979, the water-to-beer ratio was 4:1 at a time when the global norm was above 6:1.

The plant opened in 2021.

How it works!