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Snap Pack. An innovation to reduce plastic

We’re always looking to minimise our environmental impact without compromising on the quality of our beers. Using a revolutionary new glue, Snap Pack cuts plastic usage on multipacks by up to 76%, leading the way in ground-breaking innovations.

In 2019 we rolled out Snap Pack across Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and the UK. Ultimately, we estimate that Snap Pack could reduce our total use of secondary plastic packaging by more than 1,200 tonnes annually. That’s the same amount of plastic used to produce 60 million plastic bags. By reducing our use of fossil-fuel based packaging materials, it lowers the CO2 of our products and cuts plastic waste.

Other areas of innovation include introducing recycled content shrink wrap in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Currently containing 50-100% recycled plastic, we are working with partners to test the inclusion of more and different types of recycled plastic.

We also cut the carbon impact of PET bottles in Norway and Sweden. There, we introduced 100% recycled PET on 0.5 litre and 0.65 litre Imsdal water bottles. We also reduced the weight of other PET bottles, saving 550 tonnes of virgin PET material.

Finally, our Green Fibre Bottle project unveiled two prototypes in 2019, taking us one step closer to creating the world’s first biobased “paper” beer bottle in the future.

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Up to 76% reduction in plastic usage compared to previous multipacks


tonnes saved anually when all of our 4-, 6- and 8-packs have been converted


1200 tonnes saved annually is the equivalent of 60 million plastic bags

Other examples of how we will reach ZERO carbon footprint by 2030

Rethinking packaging with the Fibre Bottle

Rethinking packaging with the Fibre Bottle

Reducing our beer-in-hand carbon footprint means innovating across our packaging portfolio. And innovations are best achieved in partnership with other experts. The paper bottle company, Paboco, is helping us achieve breakthroughs in our Green Fibre Bottle project, developing the world’s first 100% bio-based beer bottle made from sustainably sourced wood fibres.

First heavy duty electric trucks

First heavy duty electric trucks

In 2020, the first of our electric 26-tonne trucks was delivered, following the contract we agreed with Renault Trucks in 2019, to make important steps in the transformation of urban transport.

Going for 1.5˚C

Going for 1.5˚C

It’s been a big year for 1.5°C. At this critical time for the planet, media coverage has been unprecedented and there was an affirmed commitment at COP25. Our sustainability ambitions at Carlsberg are aligned to the most ambitious science-based target of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, going beyond the Paris Agreement’s base level.