Partnering towards ZERO carbon footprint

Rethinking packaging with the Green Fibre Bottle

We are innovating across our packaging portfolio to find better solutions, in the short and longer term, that reduce our beer-in-hand carbon footprint. With the Green Fibre Bottle project, we are working on developing the world’s first 100% bio-based “paper” beer bottle made from sustainably sourced wood fibres. Starting in 2015 with a number of partners, the project has now matured into a formal partnership with the independent company Paboco.

Partnering towards ZERO water waste

Halving water usage at Fredericia brewery

At our Fredericia brewery in Denmark, we are  installing state-of-the art total water-recycling  technology that will allow us to safely reuse 90%  of process water, taking our usage from 2.9 hl/hl to 1.4 hl/hl for brewing. This ambitious project is the result of a public-private partnership called DRIP, in which some of the thinkers and doers in water technology have agreed to try and push  the boundaries of the possible.

Partnering towards ZERO irresponsible drinking

Alcohol-free beer on tap

People are increasingly looking for great-tasting alcohol-free brews (AFB) as a positive choice. In 2019, we saw a 7% volume growth of our AFBs, with our brands now available in 69 markets. We couldn’t have achieved this without our partners.

Partnering to build a ZERO accidents culture

Making safety top-of-mind for everybody

Training is key to building a ZERO accidents culture and equipping our people with  best-in-class practices to stay safe while at work. By combining the knowledge of our safety leaders with that of safety experts  from partners such as 3M, we are building tailored training programmes specifically  for our industry.