Nepal enlists celebrity help

Gorkha Brewery in Nepal featured Jitu, a popular comic actor, in posters and shareable videos to help cultivate a ZERO accidents culture. Supporting training sessions, the engaging celebrity spoke about health and safety issues to resonate with employees.

The creative campaign was made up of key messages which were identified following a health and safety assessment of the brewery. The overarching theme is, ‘Aafno Surakchha Ko Lagi, Pahile Affai Sachet Banaun’, meaning ‘Your Safety Depends on Your Own Awareness’.

Posters can be seen throughout all the offices in Nepal, while a series of videos are played at meetings and in locations across the premises, and on various social media platforms.

Ranesh Sinha, Production Director Gorkha Brewery, said,

“our ZERO accident ambition can only be realised when we are successful in establishing safety as a personal value. These videos have made a tremendous difference in helping to instil such a value and encouraging our people to make safe choices on both professional and personal levels.”