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Water risk assessment with WWF

As water scarcity becomes a pressing problem for more communities globally, we partnered with WWF to identify which of our sites are in water-scarce areas.

Our water risk assessment, carried out in 2016, examined physical risks such as water quantity (scarcity, flooding and droughts) and water quality (pollution) as well as regulatory and reputational risks. Out of the 86 majority-owned sites assessed, 15 were identified as high risk - located in India, Nepal, China and Vietnam. We are now focusing our water stewardship efforts on these priority sites, employing industry-leading water efficiency technologies and working to spread best practice across them all.

Partly in response to the water risk assessment carried out with WWF, in 2017, we set more ambitious water targets than ever.  Our new goal is to halve water usage at our breweries by 2030, with an intermediate target of 25% by 2022. And we are committed to forming partnerships with other stakeholders to drive collective improvements in high-risk areas.