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Water risk assessment with WWF

With WWF we are updating our water risk assessment of our breweries around the world. This involves analysing operational water risks at our breweries, and assessing impacts on crops such as barley, rice and hops.

The next stage will be to recommend best practice for water stewardship and action plans to reduce water impacts. Looking to the future, we will project our water risk exposure for 2030 by developing scenarios combining forecasts for both the climate and socio-economic changes.

The first water risk assessments were carried out in 2016, examining physical risks such as water quantity and quality, as well as regulatory and reputational risks. Out of the 86 sites, 15 were identified as high-risk in India, Nepal, China and Vietnam. In response we also strengthened our targets for water in our sustainability programme, Together Towards ZERO: to halve water usage at our breweries by 2030, with a 25% target by 2022.

Read more about our water strategy in the 2017 Sustainability Report >>