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ZERO Carbon Windmill Bar

Consumer awareness is key to making sustainable progress. We are doing our bit to explain this in a fun and engaging way.

As part of our 170-hour celebration to mark the brewer’s 170 years anniversary, the Carlsberg brand asked whether it was possible to develop the most climate-friendly bar in the world. The answer? Probably! And that’s how the ZERO Carbon Windmill Bar was born.

Located in the historical Carlsberg District in Copenhagen, the bar is powered completely by an integrated windmill. It also has a uniquely Danish feature - a bicycle that consumers can use to generate the power needed to chill their beer (just in case there is no wind).

Brewing for a better today and tomorrow since 1847

Carlsberg Group CEO Cees ‘t Hart, said: “We wanted to use our 170-year anniversary to celebrate the past and toast the future. Carlsberg has been brewing for a better today and tomorrow since 1847, and we felt the ZERO Carbon Windmill Bar was a great way to celebrate this."

Inspiring others to take action

Putting this fun idea into context, the Group’s Sustainability Director Simon Boas Hoffmeyer says, “Awareness-raising efforts like this are part and parcel of our new sustainability programme, Together Towards ZERO. It’s not just about us – it’s about highlighting global issues and inspiring others to take action. Bringing us into direct contact with consumers, the ZERO Carbon Windmill Bar helps us do this. And what could be more fitting for a Danish brewer than mixing renewable electricity with great beer?”