Championing safe behaviour in Switzerland

Everyone should come to work knowing they’ll get home safe. Ambassadors in Switzerland have been embedding safe behaviours among their colleagues

Almost all accidents share a common root cause: unsafe behaviour. That’s why we put behaviour-based safety at the heart of our ZERO accidents culture.

At the start of 2020, four specially-trained truck drivers in the distribution team took on an important new role as safety ambassadors for our Feldschlösschen brewery in Switzerland. Every day, they reinforce the message that safety is everybody’s responsibility and nobody should just walk past if they see anything unsafe.

Drawing on their experience and safety training, the ambassadors help other drivers and employees understand how to spot unsafe behaviour and risks in their working environment and take action for improvement. This could be speaking to a colleague or showing them how to work in a safe way instead. Or working with a customer to create a safer delivery point.

All four ambassadors are experienced members of our distribution team and they know the delivery process by heart – from safely loading and unloading vehicles to safe driving. They act as role models for safe behaviour as they accompany other truck drivers on their routes delivering beer to customers and event venues across the country, helping them stay safe every step of the way.

Changing culture and behaviour takes time, but our system of observations and feedback is designed to open people’s eyes to things they are doing that they may not even realise are unsafe. The ambassadors are helping to make sure safe behaviour is an integrated part of the working culture at Feldschlösschen.

Together, we will create a ZERO accidents culture.