Søren-Peter Fuchs Olesen

Nationality: Danish
Year of birth: 1955

Professor, D.M.Sc.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Carlsberg Foundation and property companies affiliated to the Carlsberg Foundation, and member of the Board of Trustees of the Carlsberg Laboratory. Currently CEO of the Danish National Research Foundation Center and previously director of the Danish National Research Foundation Center for Cardiac Arrhythmia at the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen University Hospital from 2005-2015. Søren-Peter Olesen has been involved in starting up and developing several pharma and device companies as cofounder, CEO, scientific director and board member. Chairman of the evaluation committees for visiting scientists at Danmarks Nationalbank and the Nordea Foundation.

Søren-Peter Olesen has substantial experience of managing knowledge organisations, turning basic science into new products, innovation and planning, and extensive experience of funding, investor relations and CSR.