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Growing at Carlsberg

Nurture your skills in the pursuit of excellence

We believe people thrive and perform to their highest abilities when they are in charge of their career and professional growth. We give you the opportunity to take ownership and responsibility at a very early stage. Together with us you will excel at your job and improve with every challenge due to a strong feedback culture. We believe that learning on the job and through your peers are as important as learning through formal courses.


Development Opportunities

People management is of highest importance to us. In Carlsberg Group we apply various tools to identify talents, drive the people agenda and develop our people. We live a feedback culture by having a constant dialogue with our employees throughout the year. We live transparency by concrete objective setting and proof consistency by conducting mid- and end-year reviews. We perform people boards in order to identify and discuss talents and conduct talent panels to regularly follow up on their development. To have the right people at the right position is what drives our people management.

With differentiated training programmes we focus on development and learning by addressing different areas of development.

Crossfunctional and crosscountry development steps are the basis of our career paths. We give our talents the opportunity to develop and progress within Carlsberg Group. Career paths include various forms of career progression e.g. horizontal moves, vertical moves and cross-functional moves.

Talent Development

Through our tailor made talent management process and programs we evaluate fact based the needs for development of our talents for example with the participation in a Development centre. Participating in Development centres helps to identify development needs. A structured development plan will support the talents to improve and to grow.