1664 Blanc Introduces Good Taste With A Twist 3.0

This season, the super-premium brand 1664 takes us back to ‘Rue 1664’ – the home of Good Taste With A Twist, releasing a new wave of global campaigns.

The latest Good Taste with a Twist (GTWT) campaign will evolve Rue 1664 and act as a gateway to inspire a brand lifestyle and culture that embodies the new modern Francophile in the 1664 brand world.

Andrew Khan, VP Global Premium & Beyond Beer, Carlsberg Group, said:

“We have always embraced a sense of style and fashion, and Good Taste With A Twist 3.0 will see more modern art and design-led cues, adding a dash of audacity to the playful twists for the brand 1664.”

The campaign unveils with a 30" TV commercial that follows a fashionable couple navigating the enchanting Rue 1664. Join them on an unexpected shortcut to share a 1664 Blanc with friends, encountering playful twists and familiar faces along the way.


Embracing the brand's rich connections to fashion, art and design, the new campaign aims to infuse a more contemporary style into the essence of 1664 Blanc.

The refreshed visual identity unmistakably positions it as the most stylish beer to be seen with, setting a new standard for modern sophistication.

Beyond the TVC

The GTWT 3.0 campaign boasts an even larger number of assets than before, ensuring a dynamic presence globally across social and digital channels. With over 100 assets in various sizes and formats, the audience can explore, interact, and delve deeper into the captivating world of 1664.

Not limiting itself to 1664 Blanc, the campaign extends support to other variants in the 1664 portfolio, including 1664 Rosé and 1664 Blanc 0.0%.

An extensive set of key visuals echoes the brand's playfully elegant attitude and Parisian audacity. The blue thread runs through every portrayal, showcasing how 1664 Blanc elevates each moment with a subtle twist.


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Head of Group External Communications

Kenni Leth

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