The Supervisory Board believes that its members should be chosen for their competences, but recognises the benefits of diversity in respect of experience, culture, international experience and gender, and has laid down the following specific objectives in relation to international experience and gender:

  • With regard to international experience, the objective is that 50% or more of the Supervisory Board members elected by the General Meeting should have substantial international experience from managing large corporations or institutions. The Supervisory Board considers this objective to be fulfilled with the current composition of the Supervisory Board.
    The international experience of the Carlsberg Group top-60 leadership team is significant as the team has a representation of more than 20 nationalities.
  • The proportion of the underrepresented gender (currently women) on the Supervisory Board should reach at least 40% of the members elected by the General Meeting no later than 2021. Currently, three out of ten members elected by the General Meeting are women. Diversity remains a high priority for the Supervisory Board.
    The gender target applies to the boards of all Danish Carlsberg Group companies that are required to set such objectives.

Currently, women are underrepresented in senior management positions. To increase the proportion of women, the Supervisory Board has drawn up a policy and set out specific action points for the Executive Board to implement.