We want our executives to share our shareholders' interests, and the remuneration of executive directors should support this alignment

Supervisory Board

The members of the Supervisory Board of Carlsberg A/S are remunerated for duties performed in the Company. The fees are reviewed, but not necessarily increased, each year, taking into account market practice with reference to an international comparator group as well as the need to attract and retain high-calibre individuals.

The remuneration of the Supervisory Board consists of a fixed annual base fee. Members of the Supervisory Board are not included in share incentive programmes, retirement benefit plans or other schemes. No agreements have been entered into concerning termination benefits.

More information is available in the Remuneration Report.


Executive Directors

The Group's executive remuneration is designed to enable us to recruit and retain individuals with the expertise and ability required to run a growing international company, and to do so in a way that drives our business success and rewards executives when shareholders are rewarded. Levels of fixed remuneration are set based on individuals' experience and contribution, and in the context of the external market.

While we do not seek to adhere rigidly to market benchmarks, we monitor and take into account pay levels and incentive opportunities in the principal markets from which we recruit: our European brewing and spirits peers and the global consumer goods sector, as well as companies across industry sectors in the Nordic region.

Many of our investors – including our main shareholder – are long-term holders of our shares. We want our executives to share their perspective and believe that remuneration should align their interests accordingly. The balance between the short-term remuneration package and long-term share-based pay and shareholding requirements strengthens this alignment.

The main elements of the executive directors' remuneration arrangements are shown in the document available for download in the download section to the right. More detailed information is available in the Remuneration Report.

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